Facebook has almost 160 million users registered in the United States, who are Liking, Sharing, and Commenting on links every day. The market penetration of Facebook has been incredible; in the first quarter of 2012, it was estimated that 12.1% of the world uses the site across every continent. Those numbers are staggering, but not nearly as staggering as what Facebook can do for your business. Companies who actively engage consumers on Facebook can generate a huge increase in leads. 62% of marketers have said that social media sites like Facebook are not only important, but increasingly critical within the past six months. If you are a business, an artist, a politician, or just someone who relies on social media for your career, you need Facebook fans to compete.


Fast Delivery

Lightening fast delivery, send 2 Millions+ SMS in a single minute

Brand Presence

Promote your brand & services aggressively with our premium SMS solution

Facebook Advertising

Extend your reach by leveraging Facebook Advertising capabilities through ExactDrive’s Self-Serve Advertising Platform.

Facebook News Feed

The Facebook News Feed is one of the most sought after locations to advertise on the Internet.

Page Likes

The amount of comments and likes people have left on your Facebook posts, along with how often they have clicked on ads.

Location and language

where your audience is located and what their preferred language is


Increase bottom line of Your Business



Our Application covers all the variants of the market demands. Uvisoft application supports differents types of API routes including HTTP, SMPP, High Speed. A powerfull overselling system has been developed in our SMS application.

Facebook SMS Application with Own Gateway

Use our full feature application with own SMS Getaway, uvisoft only charge for SMS processing there No Minimum Commitment, Enjoy few advance features like Queue Management, Multiple Getaway, Load balancing, Complete Hosted Solution, Overselling.

Featured Facebook SMS Application

V1.0 is full featured application that committed to deliver your messages in fraction of second and provide reports. It’s support multiple languages, scheduled message, queue management, route management etc.

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Enjoy the experience, Uvisoft is the right choice for you and your business!

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