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Using WhatsApp marketing we can easily send massive amount of What’sApp messages to your targeted customers As we all know WhatsApp is really a great tool for messaging and is nearly free of cost.


WhatsApp marketing

It has got everything including SMS, MMS. It can be the best local marketing resource.


it is available for all smartphone platforms including Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, Android , Windows Mobile, Symbian.


You can easily send your latest product images or company coupons to your customers without paying the expensive MMS costing.

Reach your customers

Uvisoft provides a new channel for you to reach your customers using WhatsApp


The Prices are really low, Writers, Small Businesses, and Many IT Company, Hotels have used our Whatsapp Marketing Service


You can broadcast your coupon images, promotion messages, shop locations to your customer’s smartphone.


Whatsapp SMS Features

Unicode SMS

Send mass sms with unicode option to send sms in national & regional languages as well like hindi, tamil, telugu etc. Language is no bar to connect with people.

International SMS

Use our International gateway to send SMS across globe. Sarv ease the promote of your business around the world and gather leads.

Promotional SMS

Promote your business by sending sms and capture leads. Uvisoft adds another facility of sending promotional sms with sender id using Enterprise Route.

Contact Management

You can easily manage all your contact lists in our panel. You can Add or block groups and upload bulk contacts in a user friendly manner easily.

Increase bottom line of Your Business


Our Application covers all the variants of the market demands. Sarv application supports differents types of API routes including HTTP, SMPP, High Speed. A powerfull overselling system has been developed in our SMS application.

Whats App SMS Application with Own Gateway

Use our full feature application with own SMS Getaway, Sarv only charge for SMS processing there No Minimum Commitment, Enjoy few advance features like Queue Management, Multiple Getaway, Load balancing, Complete Hosted Solution, Overselling.

Featured Whats App SMS Application

V1.0 is full featured application that committed to deliver your messages in fraction of second and provide reports. It’s support multiple languages, scheduled message, queue management, route management etc.



Ready to Get Started?

Enjoy the experience, Uvisoft is the right choice for you and your business!


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